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    The ArtCRelief project aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial and business mindset of artists, culture and creative professionals (ACCPs) in order to survive through the covid-19 crisis and be prepared for the new conditions that will follow. Specifically, the project aims to:

    a) Create a comprehensive, multidimensional training for ACCPs adaptable to local/national contexts and needs imposed by the pandemic crisis.
    b) Cultivate the entrepreneurial and digital mindset of ACCPs.
    c) Provide ACCPs with knowledge about new business models, based on the digitalization of culture and use of ICT for the promotion of creative products.
    d) Promote ACCPs active motivation in order to become more cooperative-oriented, embracing social entrepreneurial models.
    e) Create an attractive and easy-to-be-used training material for ACCPs in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences that will prepare them for the post-pandemic era.
    f) Create a tailor-made virtual community space for knowledge sharing and the cultivation of collaboration and innovation culture between ACCPs and other stakeholders.
    g) Raise awareness among policy makers, stakeholders, and other organizations, involved in education & training as well as in arts, culture and creative sectors.

    This project has been funded with the support from European Commission. This website and all its contents reflect views only of author, the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of information contained therein.

    [Project number: 2020-1-ΕΕ01-ΚΑ227-ADU-093375]

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